What is 3D printing ?

What is 3D printing ?

3D printing is a method of manufacturing everything from cars to cupboards, to guns and robotic parts, using a computer-controlled printer.

The fundamental rule of 3D printing is that it’s an additive manufacturing technique, unlike traditional methods, which are subtractive. While there are different kinds of 3D printing techniques, all 3D objects are generally built out of different layers, fused together. A 3D printer starts with the bottom layer, waits for it to solidify, and then works its way up. This layering process differs depending on the printer and the material it works with , for example:  metal, plaster, polymer or resin.

While consumer- and small business-oriented 3D printing is just taking off, 3D printing has been used in an industrial setting for almost 30 years now (Yes, your elders know about it).

Some industrial printers can print with multiple nozzles at the same time, or even use metal (more on that later).

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World’s First Full-Color 3D Printer Makes Its Debut, But With An Expensive Price Tag

Stratasys has unveiled the world’s first full-color 3D printer allowing users to print both in color and multiple materials. This machine with incredible features comes at a huge price.

Stratasys, one of the biggest 3D printer manufacturers in the world, has upped the ante with its latest Objet500 Connex3 machine, touted as the world’s first full-color machine. The new 3D printing technology is sure to transform  the designing, engineering and manufacturing industry. Stratasys showed off the multi material color printer at the SolidWorks World 2014 in San Diego, Monday.

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Researchers 3D-print working loudspeaker with new multi-material method

Led by an Indian-American student Apoorva Kiran, scientists at Cornell University in New York have 3D-printed a working loudspeaker – seamlessly integrating the plastic, conductive and magnetic parts – that is ready for use almost as soon as it comes out of the printer.

The successful implementation of the new 3D printing technique implies that rather than assembling consumer products from parts and components, complete functioning products could be fabricated at once, on demand.

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