3D printing news Sliced, GKN Powder Metallurgy, Orbital ATK, 3MF and Duke University

Today’s edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced, asks
the following: How do you redirect sound with 3D printing? Will
3D printers ever find a place in mechanics’ shops? Are 3D
printed hypersonic warheads viable? All this and more from Duke
University, PostNord, GKN Powder Metallurgy and the 3MF

Metamaterials, soluble supports and more

Researchers at Duke
, Carolina, have used 3D
printing to create a device that can control and redirect
soundwaves almost perfectly. The device is made from a kind of

, which controls and redirects sound through
its structure, rather than through their chemical composition.
Researchers say the device has applications for sonar

design and experimental demonstration of bianisotropic
metasurfaces for scattering-free manipulation of acoustic
” is available to read in the Nature
Communications journal.

Researchers at Nanyang Technological
have enhanced the strength and ductility of 316L
stainless steel, by using selective laser melting. They
achieved improvements by in-process engineering of the steel’s
crystallographic texture.
titled “Simultaneously enhanced strength
and ductility for 3D-printed stainless steel 316L by selective
laser melting” is published in the
NPG Asia Materials

Airwolf 3D’s
patent-pending HydroFill
Water-Soluble Support has been reformulated to improve the
quality and performance of the material.

The metamaterial surface has been engineered to control the reflection of incoming sound waves. Photo via Duke University.The metamaterial surface
has been engineered to control the reflection of incoming sound
waves. Photo via Duke University.

PostNord partners with 3YOURMIND

, a communications solutions provider
in Denmark, which recently added an on-demand

3D printing delivery service
, has
partnered with
to use their software platforms to optimize the new

Scanning arteries with light

Researchers at Aalto
, Finland, are using
super-hydrophobic interfaces to create hollow structures in
bacterial cellulose. The technique has been outlined in

paper published in the Materials Horizons

Proslab, a
dental laboratory in Australia, has digitized the manufacture
of cobalt chrome removable partial dentures, using

metal 3D printers. Designed in CAD, the dentures were
printed in resin before being produced in cobalt chrome with
traditional lost-wax casting.

Starfish Engineering LLC, a startup associated
, Indiana, U.S., has built a medical
imaging device that uses light to create a detailed picture of
arteries in the roof of the mouth. Starfish Engineering has
used 3D printing to build replicas of patients’ mouths with
accurately placed arteries.

Mapping arteries in the mouth. Image via Purdue University.Mapping arteries in the
mouth. Image via Purdue University.

Hypersonic warheads and the future of the local mechanics’

A partially 3D printed warhead for hypersonic weapons,
which travel five times faster than sound, is being tested in a
facility in Burnet, Texas. Created by
Orbital ATK
for the U.S. Department of Defense, three out of five
major components have been fabricated on 3D printers.

Orbital ATK Program manager, Richard Truitt said,

“We are really happy to do this test with additive
manufactured parts because it’s going to tell us, does that
actually function the way a normal component would.”

Markus Josten, Global Sales Director at
GKN Powder Metallurgy
, a producer of sintered
components and metal powders for 3D printing, has speculated
that in the next 10 to 20 years, 3D printing will be a common
sight in local mechanics’ shops. In a
GKN Sinter Metals Blog
, Josten has outlined his vision for the
growing role of 3D printing in the automotive aftermarket

The Commonwealth
Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

(CSIRO) is looking for 3D printers to assist with
Data61 is a data innovation group based in Australia. Data61 is
specifically seeking a high-end, multi-material 3D printer to
assist with the organisation’s burgeoning soft robotics

Orbital ATK testing a partially 3D printed hypersonic warhead. Photo via Orbital ATK.Orbital ATK testing a
partially 3D printed hypersonic warhead. Photo via Orbital ATK.

3MF releases new extension for lattice-type geometry

The 3MF
, has released its new Beam Lattice
Specification Extension. The extension provides an entirely new
way of storing and transferring lattice-type geometry
information. The extension, now
available for
, has all the features of the 3MF Core
Specification, meaning materials, colors, build information and
much more can be found in one compact file.

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Featured image shows the testing of a partially 3D printed
hypersonic warhead. Photo via Orbital ATK.

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