3DCreatR extended to 50 new Learning Centers 3D printing in India , for all ages

3DCreatR, A company based in India, is expanding its range of courses on 3D printing, extending the courses to all ages.
This is not only to learn but also to dedicate professionally to disitintas opportunities offered by 3D printing in the future: medical, aerospace, manufacturing, and more. The list of options is almost endless career

Based in Mumbai, 3DCreatR is already operating two thriving centers for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Because of its success, the company has set the goal of a major expansion
"3DCreatR is determined to spread their wings of knowledge to the masses and has plans to open 50 more such centers across India over the next six months"

3DCreatR also offers a wide selection of products and 3D printing materials.
In its centers, as they continue to accelerate and stimulate learning across India, 3DCreatR offer classes designed to "refine and improve" Learning in 3D for Indian citizens at all levels, such as:
Kids 3DC – Introductory course for the young ones
DesignA 3DC – Instruction focusing on product and art design for adults
DesignK 3DC – Instruction in design for kids, including scanning and sculpting
Design+3DC – An extension of the introductory course for adults or kids, offering twelve 3D printing sessions
Sculpt3DC – Introduction for kids to the Sculptris program, where they learn to make a basic 3D model
Jewelry3DC – Any skill level receives instruction on 3D printing a pendant, as well as embellishing it
ChocoMold 3DC – Participants learn to 3D print with chocolate, and produce a chocolate mold as part of the class assignment