ALTERGAZE – Virtual reality for your Smartphone

Altergaze is a new Virtual Reality interface that uses your smartphone power to deliver a high quality mobile Virtual Reality experience. Apart from the lenses and screw, it is completely 3D printed, with open-source design. It can be used either as a handheld or headset device.

Described in a very basic manner, the Altergaze is a simple and compact mobile phone accessory. You just slide your smartphone inside, and you’re good to go. The Altergaze design provides easy access to your smartphone in case you receive a phone call while using it.

Altergaze, is “crowd sourced” project, and is currently in a fund raising stage. The idea is simple: a fully 3D printed visor that will create up to a 110° field of view at high resolution (1136 x 640 on iPhone and 1920 x 1080 on Samsung S4). It will have “head tracking” to 6 degrees of freedom and will be easy to carry around (15.8 cm x 8.2 cm x 7.2 cm).

The design is open source and can be customized. Users can also choose to pledge £30 to receive the files and print it themselves. Or £50 and assemble it themselves. Or £100 and receive it fully assembled and ready to use. A successful funding campaign will also mean the team will develop an interactive website to access, preview and modify their Altergaze.

A few decades ago, this was just a dream, and then it became an idea, and now reality!!
WoW the world is moving fast!!

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