BEEVERYCREATIVE CMO gives more details on 3D printer partnership with Staples

Portugal’s leading 3D printer manufacturer,
has entered into partnership with Staples Portugal, part of the
chain retailer and office supply

3D Printing Industry asked Sérgio Moreira, CMO of
BEEVERYCREATIVE, a few questions about the deal. “It’s the
first 3D printing service in a retail chain in Portugal,” he
tells me.

Staples Portugal, through their Copy&Print centers
will be equipped by BEEVERYCREATIVE to offer 3D printing
services. Moreira says that of the 17 stores already open, his
company are currently in half. The number of stores “will
probably increase in the future,” he adds.

Copy&Print also offers 3D modeling services by

The 3D printers are the BEETHEFIRST desktop FFF machines
and “are already up and running” says Moreira.

“This partnership is very important because it makes 3D
printing technology more accessible, offering a valuable
service through a well-known and respected entity like
Staples Portugal.”

Portugal 3D printing plan is latest from Staples

The partnership is the latest from ventures into the 3D
printing industry from Staples. In the U.S. 3D printing
services at Staples are provided by

Earlier plans announced in 2012 by Staples at Euromold
were for a partnership with
Mcor Technologies and
their IRIS 3D printers. These plans were for an initial trial
in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2014, Staples partnered with 3D Systems to offer 3D
printing services at two U.S. locations
in New
York and Los Angeles.

The Staples Portugal partnership aims to bring 3D
printing to the public and
Moreira says,
“we have created a perfect bond to all those looking for
3D printed objects, having only an image or draft. This
partnership with BEEVERYCREATIVE has ensured the quality of the
service provided, with robust machines, that deliver high
quality results.”

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