BODOCK – Mythical creature created with 3D printing

3D printer manufaucturer Stratasys has collaborated with the Stan Winston college of Character Arts, Legacy, Condé Nast recreation and WIRED to form a 14-foot tall big creature which is to be showcased at the Comic-Con International Conference-2014. The conference is to take place in July 24-27 in metropolis, California.

The giant creature called Bodock was designed by artists at the Stan Winston college. The creature was engineered over six weeks and 7,500 hours at the Legacy Effects facility – the studio that dropped a life into Iron Man, Avatar, Pacific Rim and RoboCop characters – worked closely with Stratasys to create dozens of 3D-printed components to form the character.

“Everything regarding the large creature project was formidable, as well as size, weight, delivery schedule and performance needs,” same Matt Winston, co-founder of the Stan Winston college. “Without the involvement of our partners at Stratasys, whose 3D printing technologies are, in our read, revolutionizing not solely the producing trade but also the show business further, none of it might have been attainable.”

He is absolutely practical, stands at 13’6″ tall, 9’9″ wide, 13’6″ deep, weighs 2K pounds. Over one third of the large creature was 3D printed, as well as the chest armor, shoulders, arms and fingers. A spread of Stratasys 3D Printers were utilized within the build method, as well as the Fortus 900mc that uses FDM 3D printing technology to create sturdy components as giant as thirty six x twenty four by thirty six inches.

The components were created with ABS-M30 thermoplastic material, that has glorious mechanical properties appropriate for practical prototypes, jigs and fixtures and production components. In addition to 3D printed components, the creature integrates a spread of video and detector technologies to supply attendees at the event, or fans on-line, a singular interactive experience with the character.