Future of 3D Printing in India

3D printing is undoubtedly the next big technology revolution and is here to stay. A lot has been put on stake by entrepreneurs and scientist around the globe to develop this technology overtime. 3D printing has been around for decades now, however the use remains limited as, not only is it expensive, but also bulky. Continue reading “Future of 3D Printing in India”

3D printing busting Myths …

Welcome back, in today’s article, we are all set to discover the truth behind different myths plaguing the 3D Printing industry. 3D Printing is a new technology, and hence it has been a victim of the “Gossip World”.

Let’s take a look in to the most common Myths about 3D Printing:

Myth 1:
“3D printing is so advanced, the designing an object is only limited to your imagination.”

This is as true as it can be, 3D printing technologies are capable of producing almost any geometry, provided it can be built up in layers. However, every process has its own limits and hence the basic limitations still apply to your design.

Myth 2: “3D printing is for Volume Manufacturing.”

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3D Printing and its Pros and Cons

While 3D printing is a promising technology, it is currently in the prototype stage and hence the use of 3D printing is limited. In today’s article we will discuss the various riddles, promises and hiccups, which come along with this new technology.

Having said that, the obvious debate is, its Pros and Cons?

Let’s begin with the Positive’s:

3D printing has taken the world by storm and has reduced various material costs and labor, the possibilities of a fully automated inventory has become a possibility. Furthermore, 3D printing technology has enabled various equipment manufactures to test materials and prototype models at full pledged potential, without the need of spending months on hand building a prototype. 3D printing has caused an increase in the demand for engineers, needed to build, test, maintain, and fix 3D printers, thereby reducing un-employment in India and elsewhere.

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