How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Healthcare


In the last couple of years, we have heard a lot about endless possibilities of what 3D printing has actually to offer. From custom-designed shoes to prescription drugs to match your DNA, the future seems to be knocking right at our doors now.

We got a glimpse of the same at the recent Autodesk University event. The most promising breakthroughs are currently happening in the field of medicine and healthcare. Only recently, we heard about a new 3D printed pill that can control epileptic seizures; it has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and we have also been hearing how this technology can help treat Type 1 Diabetes.

Even Autodesk is quite excited about the possibilities that exist in the bio-nano technology sphere. In the past, we have been hearing about 3D organ printing and we are just about scratched the surface in this sphere. However, if we could have virus-fighting medicines that are custom made to match our DNA, then the implications of the same could be huge. What we are necessarily getting at is that the drug made using our DNA, and will be looking at affecting only the affected cells and not impact the healthy cells in any way.

While speaking to Gizmodo India, Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice-President of the IPG Product group Autodesk that he is almost as excited and intrigued at the potential that exists in the health and medical sphere.

Hanspal says, “This will be a very targeted approach and we are still in the stages of early exploration as far as things go.”


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