Kwambio 3D design platform

A new platform called Kwambio , founded by Volodymyr Usov, Kwambio is a community for people who’d like to create different customizable products (lamps, vases, coat-hangers, etc.) and share them with the world.

Designers can come to Kwambio and make money from every creation. They can securely sell their original products, without worrying about piracy. Nobody else will have access to their source files. Each product will be carefully verified and tested by the Kwambio team prior to be listed on the platform.

Platform users can customize and personalize products with a few clicks of a button. They will have options to change the product shape, and add any text to the design. The platform is anticipated to stream data directly to user’s 3D printer, in a few clicks anyone can create their own beautiful, unique design. “No two persons are similar, so should be the products.” notes Kwambio.

There are five main categories of products on the platform: design, fashion, gadgets, decor and art. At the moment users can find more than 20 different products (vases, coat-hangers, lamps, etc.) which can be modified into an innumerable quantity of goods.

It’s designed to be a creative community where everyone becomes a creator. Users can like and share products created by others, they can also follow their favorite designers to discover new unique products.

For the first few months the platform will be free to use, but eventually users will pay per print. The beta version of will be launched in October 2014