learnbylayers partners with the National STEM Learning Centre to bring more 3D printing to schools

a provider of 3D printing educational resources, has partnered
with the
National STEM Learning
based at the University of
 in UK.

As part of the partnership, the STEM Learning Centre will
be running a free two day course this summer on
3D printers creatively in KS3 and KS4
,” preparing
primary and secondary school teachers with all the basics of
the technology.

The National STEM Learning Centre in York, UK. Photo via The National STEM Learning Centre.The National STEM
Learning Centre in York, UK. Photo via The National STEM Learning

Teaching 3D printing since 2015

3D printing has been a regular part of STEM Learning
Centre courses since 2015. The two day course, starting July
5th, will feature workshops on topics such as where 3D printers
are used, how they work, health and safety sessions and

Fusion 360 tutorials.

The course will be delivered by Philip Cotton, a Design
and Technology teacher and Associate Facilitator at the STEM
Learning Centre, and Dave Parry, Health and Safety consultant
UK advisory service providing science and technology support to

Over the last 10 years the STEM Learning Centre has
trained over 19,000 teachers, technicians and support staff in
STEM courses, who have collectively taught over 4 million young
people in classrooms.

The course will equip teachers with the knowledge and
tools necessary put 3D printing into school curriculums.

The 3D printing skills gap

Course attendees will receive a free copy of learnbylayers’
Intermediate 3D printing lesson pack, ordinarily costing
£69.99. The lesson pack offers ready to teach lessons,
powerpoints, lesson tasks, .STL files, homework and answer

Courses and resources like those offered by learnbylayers
and the STEM Learning Centre are an important part of bridging

3D printing skills gap

MakerBot’s Starter
program, launched in 2015, is bringing 3D
printing labs to schools. The labs feature a range of MakerBot
products, such as the Replicator+ and Z18 3D printers.
Installation of the lab also provides training through
Makerbot’s local partners.

a 3D printer reseller and distributor based
in the UK, has

launched PrintLab Classroom
, an online
resource for creative 3D printing projects, workbooks, and
teacher training guides.

The Makerbot Starter Labs set-up. Photo via Makerbot.The Makerbot Starter Labs
set-up. Photo via Makerbot.

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Featured image shows the National STEM Learning Centre in
York, UK. Photo via The National STEM Learning Centre.

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