LeWihe 3D printer launches on IndieGoGo

Spanish Company LeWihe , announced their new Indiegogo campaign for their latest 3D printer, today. Lewihe has been founded by Juan Tendero, Jordi Tendero and Jose Manuel Quiles, who have been working hard in the last 14 months to make an affordable 3D printer capable of producing high quality 3D prints.

The Lewihe 3D printer features aluminum chassis and a large print area of 185 x 185 x 185 mm (7.28 x 7.28 x 7.28 in). It uses SAV MKI electronics developed by Francisco Malpartida, a one stop electronics to get your 3D printer up and running. This affordable 3D printer electronics has multiple interfacing possibilities: it features high speed native USB interface connectivity going up to 8Mbps so that there is no lag on your prints. It includes 12V built-in fan controller for hot end cooling, micro SD reader for autonomous printing, expansion bus to connect a keyboard and LCD. It supports for 4 standard pololu compatible stepper motor drivers. The Lewihe 3D printer is capable of printing with FilaFlex with the speed of 150mm/sec, and according to its creators, their next goal is to increase the print speed to 200mm/sec.

One unique feature is that the printer is designed to work directly with flexible filament such as FilaFlex. The Lewihe stainless steel extruder can print with both flexible and rigid materials and is compatible with other printers such as Prusa i3.

The team is offering 50 units of Lewihe 3D printer kit for $499 on indiegogo to super early brid adopters. The Lewihe kit version will cost $799 and an assembled Lewihe 3D printer is priced at $995. In addition the company also offers a Lewihe Pro version ($1,195) which includes WiFi and webcam, a useful feature to remote control and get visual feedback, when you are not in front of the 3D printer.