MadeSolid launches powerful new resin for SLA 3D printers

MadeSolid, an YC-backed 3D printing materials startup out of Emeryville, CA, is doing R&D to make additional type of resins with distinctive properties for your 3D printer. On Tuesday, MadeSolid proclaimed the launch of its powerful new resin. “This new 3D printable material is meant to face up to the structural demands of purposeful prototyping.” writes MadeSolid. “We have created a resin that has great accrued tensile, flexural, and impact strength.”

The formula stems from the frustration of SLA prints that always very brittle, and most of those prints aren’t sturdy and may not be used as purposeful components. MadeSolid’s powerful new resin is meant for 3D prints that require a lift in strength and sturdiness. MadeSolid hopes the powerful new resin formula can help users to print more purposeful 3D objects.

The resin may be utilized to create gadgets, prototyping wearable objects / jewelry, and components that require to require some stress. MadeSolid’s powerful new resin is offered in orange and yellow and is compatible with quite a few existing SLA/DLP printers. Presales have begun and cargo is expected to start shipping by the end of August. Pre-order value is 1L of Madesolid’s powerful new resin is $119.00.

What does MadeSolid have to say?

MadeSolid’s Tough Resin is designed for prints that need a boost in strength and durability. The formula stems from the frustration of prints breaking too easily and not meeting the demand of functional prints. So we made a resin that will enable you to print functional end parts that survive in the wild better than other resins on the market.” – As quoted on MadeSolid’s website.

This new Resin would definitely improve the quality of SLA 3D Prints.