Monoprice launches new 3D printers at CES 2018

Our continuing coverage of 3D printing at
CES 2018
sees US Consumer Electronics company Monoprice
launching three new ranges of 3D printers amongst a variety of
new products.

The new desktop 3D printers, the MP Delta
Pro, MP UV Resi and the MP Select Mini V3, are the latest to be
launched by the company since the MP Select Mini V2 3D printer
debuted at TCT 2017

The MP Select Mini V3, the latest in a
popular range

The MP Select Mini V3 is the latest 3D printer
in a low-cost Select Mini range. Like its predecessors, it has
an extractor fan, a movable build plate, and now wields the
additional features of auto-levelling and a touchscreen

The Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 3D printer, the predecessor of the V3. Photo via Monoprice.The Monoprice MP Select
Mini V2 3D printer, the predecessor to the V3. Photo via

Beyond FFF with the MP UV Resin 3D

The new range of MP UV Resin 3D Printers are
the latest SLA 3D printers from Monoprice since 2017’s MP Maker
Prism Professional SLA Resin 3D Printer. It features a UV Rapid
Resin technology, which can produce print resolutions of 30

A larger print volume with MP Delta

An upgraded version of Monoprice’s MP Mini Delta 3D printer that was
launched in 2017, the MP Delta Pro’s cylindrical build
volume consists of a diameter of 270mm and a height of
300mm. It features silent drivers, a touchscreen, auto
levelling, and WiFi compatibility for remote management.

Monoprice’s MP Mini Delta
3D printer, the Delta Pro predecessor. Photo via Monoprice.

The latest in Smart, Home, Audio, and
Workstation technology

Monoprice launched the new 3D printers
alongside a range of other electrical products at CES 2018,
including a “Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring,”
“Monolith C Series Closed Back Planar Headphones,” and the
“Monolith X Series Power Amplifiers.”

“Every year we look forward to CES to show the
significant strides we’ve made in introducing some of the most
pivotal new technology within product offerings that boldly
disrupt industry price points, and this year is no different…”
said Monoprice CEO Bernard Luthi. “…we’re expanding our product
offerings even further into the smart home, 3D Printing, and
audio spaces.”

Monoprice will be displaying its new electronic products from
9-12 January at its booth in the Venetian Hotel’s Suite 3-221
at CES 2018.

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Featured image shows the Monoprice booth at CES 2018,
featuring K-2SO from Star Wars Rogue One (created entirely
using Monoprice 3D printers), a Porg from The Last Jedi, and
creator Yasu Tano. Featured image via Monoprice.

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