Print IT 3D launches rent a 3D printer service in the U.K.

Service bureau and reseller Print IT 3D, based in Bridgend,
Wales, is now offering small to medium businesses the
opportunity to rent a 3D printer. The move is the latest in a
line of similar offerings from service providers such as
and GoPrint3D
that aims to nurture growing additive manufacturing businesses,
and reduce overheads when starting up a facility.

As “the longest authorised partner for 3D Systems in the U.K.”
Print IT 3D’s rental service is exclusively for a select line
of machines.

A ProJet MJP 2500. Image via 3D SystemsA ProJet MJP 2500. Image
via 3D Systems

3D printer availability 

Print IT 3D started business in South Wales in 2009. Currently,
the company offers around 40 different 3D Systems models for
sale covering personal, professional and the production market.
In peripherals and software, Print IT 3D sells 3D Systems’
Sense 3D scanner, 3DEXPERT, 3D SPRINT and Geomagic products,

acquired by 3D Systems in 2013

Of the current product offering, 3D printer rental is available
for the
award winning
ProJet MultiJet Printing (MJP)
2500 Series
 at £2600, £3013 or £3509
per month depending upon the chosen model.

The complete package

In ProJet MJP 2500s, objects are 3D printed in UV curable
photopolymers with easy-to-remove wax supports.

3D Systems ProJet MJP 3D prints. Photo by Michael Petch.3D Systems ProJet MJP
3D prints. Photo by Michael Petch.

The ProJet 2500 Plus is the lowest-cost 3D printer in this
range, retailing at around £31,160. The Plus retains the same
build size and layer accuracy of the standard ProJet 2500,
only it is better suited to dental applications.

The Projet 2500 Wax is at the higher end of the spectrum,
providing a solution for intricate casting applications with a
layer accuracy of 16 μ.

The rental fee for each of these systems includes the printer,
finishing equipment, parts, service and labour. Material
packages are also available to suit varying production volumes.

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Featured image shows 3D Systems rubber 3D printing sample.
Photo via Print IT 3D

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