Sharebot Working Toward Its 3D Printing Evolution

Sharebot has
been coming to formnext
for a few years now, checking out what the major Frankfurt show
had to offer in 2015 before bringing the company’s
entire professional 3D printing arsenal to showcase
in 2016
. The company, Claudio Bonfiglioli, Sharebot
press officer and social media manager, told me when we met at
this year’s show, has been appreciating the opportunity to
watch the industry progress as reflected
in the growing show

“We have been enjoying 3D printing, as well as working in it.
It’s so great to see it growing up here,” he said with a
grin, gesturing to the busy Sharebot booth and the floor

The booth was alive with excitement for formnext 2017, as
Sharebot proudly displayed their latest 3D printers and
materials. Just introduced and on-site in Frankfurt were the
Antares SLA and Qxxl FFF 3D printers
, along with some
of the more established machines such as the DMG 3Delux DLP
dental 3D printer introduced
at this year’s TCT Show
and the SnowWhite SLS machine,
since 2015

As we looked at the available technologies
displayed, Bonfiglioli also previewed for me some of what
we can expect to see from Sharebot coming up. For its
part, the Antares would be at home in a laboratory or research
center environment, offering professional SLA 3D printing and
remote management capabilities.

“We will be launching more resins in 2018,” he told me as we
stood by the Antares.

Moving toward the Qxxl, Bonfiglioli noted that this
machine was “one of the most important things here” for
Sharebot to showcase.

Claudio Bonfiglioli

“We are now focusing on larger sizes for FDM and SLA 3D
printing. This machine will be much bigger and completely
ready for industry,” he said.

“We are working on SLS, as well. There will be probably an
evolution of SnowWhite coming. We are working on evolutions
in powders, resins, and filaments; we will be completely open
for materials. As we are going bigger, we will also focus on
stronger industrial filaments. The Qxxl is optimized for PLA,
and we will have more to come, more ABS, more beyond that.”

He said as well
that we can expect much more to come from Sharebot as we move
into 2018.

This year has been a very busy one for the company, including
the welcome of two
new shareholders in October
as DMG Digital Enterprises
and Dentalica
, both of which already distributed Sharebot’s
3Delux dental 3D printer, joined Sharebot as partners. Such
relationships are critical for a company moving forward in the
3D printing industry, as distribution and shareholder
relationships work to strengthen market positioning.

“We are really enjoying developing new
technologies,” Bonfiglioli told me. “As well as our
partnership with DMG and new resins for dental applications.
These are not ready yet, but continuing to study these with
DMG is crucial for us.”

The opportunity to see first-hand some of Sharebot’s latest
introductions was invaluable to understanding more of their
progres. The company is looking to continue to add a wider
range of events to its calendar to allow for more strength in
visibility and positioning. This week, Sharebot is making its
US debut in Pasadena at the AM Show. The US marks
an important market to consider as the company expands outside
of Europe due in large part to Sharebot’s partnership with
Techniplas, announced
in September

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[Photos: Sarah Goehrke]


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