Sixteen year old builds his own open source 3D printer

open source 3d printer india

With so much information on the internet everyday it is no surprise to us that our young 3D printing technology loving geniuses are trying out to build a DIY open source 3D printer through downloadable tutorial files from Thingiverse or Instructables.

Recently, Johannes Rostek, a sixteen-year old high-school student from Germany,  designed his own 3D printer., which he calls, the Valcanus V1 3D Printer, with just 300 euros.

valcanus v1 3D printerJohannes walked a few miles extra to give his RepRap open source 3D printer a professional look by using metal components to build it.

Valcanus v1 partsThe 44 cm x 44 cm x 60 cm Valcanus V1 3D printer is based on CORE-XY mechanical designwhich makes the printer easier to carry and also to print faster without affecting the resolution of the 3D printed.

Valcanus v1 in motionThe printer is capable of printing at the speed of 300 mm/s at a resolution of 0.5 mm or greater. The build volume is about 20 x 20 x 26 cms. This build is big enough to produce objects of decent size among other desktop level 3D printers.

It´s an example of how open source trend is becoming more and more usefull everyday, and how young people can make real his own projects.