SLM Solutions global collaboration reducing time to market for 3D printed products

SLM Solutions
, a German manufacturer of metal 3D printers, is
working with nine global partners from different industries to
reduce the time to market of new products.

The partners are developing a new production line for
metallic 3D printing, with a focus on selective laser

The nine other companies are: Curtiss-Wright Technologies, EDR & Medeso, Höganäs, University West Trollhättan,
Nederman Holding,
, Volvo
and Swerea

The large SLM 800 with a crown of visitors. Photo by Beau Jackson for 3D Printing IndustryThe large SLM 800
3D printers at Formnext 2017. Photo by Beau Jackson for 3D
Printing Industry

Expanding production with the SLM 280 2.0

Swerea IVF, part of Swerea Group, is a Swedish research
institute focusing on developing sustainable, competitive
industry advantages. Mats Lundin, Swerea IVF CEO, said:

“Additive manufacturing is a fast growing area and we
are pleased to be able to set up this production line
together with a large industrial group, and in that way
contribute to the industrialization of additive manufacturing
in Sweden”

To achieve these goals, Swerea IVF has expanded its
production capacity with the addition of an SLM Solutions SLM
280 2.0. The 280 2.0 features a print bed measuring 280 x 280 x
365mm, and the company’s patented multi-beam technology with
two 700W lasers. It uses bi-directional powder coating to
shorten production times for metal parts.

SLM Solutions Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe,
Jens Oldenburg said “We are contributing our specialist
knowledge and experience in developing and implementing
machines for metal-based manufacturing technology in this joint
industry project,”

“We expect that this project will provide an excellent
platform to develop a production line jointly, in that basic
questions will be addressed and the expertise of those involved
in the project combined.”

The SLM Solutions SLM 280 2.0. Image via SLM Solutions Group AG.The SLM Solutions SLM 280
2.0. Image via SLM Solutions Group AG.

Increasing demand for SLM 3D printers

Last year,
SLM Solutions received their largest ever
, worth up to €48 million, for 70 SLM 280
metal 3D printers to an unnamed customer in Asia. SLM has
reported an
85.4 percent increase in 3D printer sales in 2017
, as
compared to 2016.

SLM Solutions’ Technical Director for North America, wrote a
post for 3D Printing Industry, detailing his
vision of the next five years in 3D printing

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Featured image shows the SLM Solutions SLM 280 2.0. Image
via SLM Solutions Group AG.

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