Stratasys expanding operations in China

Stratasys, one of the leading manufacturers of 3D printing equipment, achieved a global revenue share of 359 Million Dollars (US), last year. This year, Stratasys is all set to meet the rising demand of additive manufacturing in China, and is planning to set up a Research and Development Centre in the mainland.

Stratasys founder, Scott Crump said – “From an industry standpoint, the odds are pretty good that China will become the second-largest market for 3D printers after the US within five years.

The Chinese market currently makes up 5-10% of Stratasys’ business each quarter. Stratasys is present in China’s automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, jewelry, consumer electronics packaging and education sectors. In meetings last month with officials of the Chinese government in Beijing, Crump said Stratasys discussed potential collaboration with China to initiate and accelerate research, development and adoption of 3D printing.

We want not only to expand our business, but to do some development or co-development in China. We’re also interested in teaching industrial and business applications.” Crump said.

Stratasys has seen exponential growth of sales and interest over the past 24 months, a context supported by the massive investments made by the USA in manufacturing institutes, some USD$200 million, and US President Obama’s supportive enthusiasm of 3D printing in his last, State Of The Union Speech.

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