TeeBotMax – Portable 3D printer

Emmanuel Adetutu, designer and developer of open supply “TeeBot” 3D printer, has released an improved version of the printer, known as ‘TeeBotMax‘. The idea was to style and build a portable 3D printer that is easy to assemble, straightforward to maneuver around and travel with, and resistant to corrosive materials.

E. Adetutu works in Veldhoven, European country as an information analyst and lives in another town. “TeeBotMax was designed as a hobby project besides my day work, as a result of I required a transportable and powerful printer to travel with.” Adetutu commented. The TeeBotMax is made with a robust frame and basic RepRap components. “My hope is that it’ll be a simple to make however terribly robust 3D printer.” Adetutu mentioned. Adetutu’s project has been praised by many manufacturers and their open source non portable 3D printers, like Josef Prusa (Prusa I3), Emmanuel Gilloz (FoldaRap), Richard Horne (Richrap), Reifsnyderb (J head Hotend) and lots of others.

The TeeBotMax is portable 3D printer, which implies that it can be collapsed into flat movable bed for simple storage, and carrying around. Apart from the foldability, the TeeBotMax can be compared to a RepRap 3D printer that includes an outsized build envelope of 200 x 200 x 250mm. The scale of the assembled printer is 500 x 500 x 530 millimetre, and it’ll be 530 x 400 x 180 millimetre once it’s closed up. Designed to be ultra-portable, the weight of device is just 7kg.

Adetutu has released the TeeBotMax source code and design materials as open source on his web site. “Friends adore it and need it…” Adetutu said. He has conjointly created a step by step document on the way to build or assemble TeeBotMax portable 3D printer to make it simple and straightforward for everybody.