TYTAN 3D – Goliat Extruder

TYTAN 3D, a polish 3D printing start-up by Janusz Wojcik and Pawel Rokita, launched their web site and their initial product – Goliat Extruder, a full metal extruder for FDM 3D printers. The Goliat Extruder is about to launch on Indiegogo this week, trying to boost funding for the total production of Goliat Extruder.

The Goliat extruder is driven by NEMA seventeen stepper motor and it supports linear unit filaments. It’s totally assembled and features J-Head hot finish that is machined from a solid piece of metal, creating it extremely reliable. The extruder has additional area for mounting a forty x forty unit fan. The Goliat extruder is priced at 49 $, which`s a competitive value compared to typical extruders on the market.

Janusz Wojcik and Pawel Rokita are extraordinarily busy men. Besides working on their extruder, they additionally work on 2 3D printers: FDM Fiber 3D and Delta printer that prints in ceramics. They’re additionally accepted in Republic of Poland for organizing the most important 3D printing show in Poland – Day of 3D printing in Kielce in spring, which gathered over 2000 guests. The team believes that the printers are going to be prepared throughout the 3D Printing event in Kielce in the end July month and it’ll print ahead of the audience.